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doom figures

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Anyone out there know where i can get the doom figures that were made by Reaper minatures ? I've allready tried to contact them but they no longer hold stock. It seems that we are at the butt end of the world here in the U.K. Cheers for any help.

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wasn't todd mcfarlane (s/p?) supposed to be making doom action figures? considering his great work with the spawn, metal gear solid, and quake 2, i think those would (will?) rule.

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he didn't do the quake 2 figures. but i sure as fuck hope he'll do some doom figures when doom 3 comes out.

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Alboroto said:

Tickle me mancubus

awww how cute. i think i'll get/make me one of those.

what ever happened to hissy? why can't we do some more of those for other doom monsters (okay, so i just want a mancubus, but still...)

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