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Doom Honorary Titles

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Are those Doom titles still around? (i.e., Doom Grand Master, etc.) I'd like to try for 'em.

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When DHT5 was up and running I requested and earned a "Doom2 GrandMaster" title! It was very fun, I remember doing it on a 486 processor at 50mhz and I had 96 megs of ram! Those were the days man! For the Doom2 GrandMaster Title I did a total of 5 levels I believe. 3 of the levels were required and I did 2 more as a freestyle type of play. The monsters had to have -fast parameter set, you had to get 100% kills, 100% secrets and 100% items all without getting killed! You also had to do a special dance at the beginning of each map to verify it was you in the lmp and not someone else's lmp that you ripped off just to get the title. It was usually like this...

FRR-RFL-FFL and the interpretation is

Fist Right Right-Right Fist Left-Fist Fist Left

That is an example of the "dance".

Very fun stuff and BTW, I believe the lmps for the titles are located where you can normally download wads, patches and the such.

Man, I miss that stuff!

Cadman - Member TeamTNT

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ahhh, the good old days. :)

now, getting just one Compet-N point is probably more than DGM or Velox DHTitle though...

one of the only things that lots of different people in the community participated in...

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