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Doom with XP. (stupid question)

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Ok, no doubt you guys have heard this a million times, and no doubt theres a million other threads out there (which i have yet to find) I've been looking for this for about.. an hour and 30 minutes now, and I cant find one danged thing about why doom runs so slow on XP. Its probably that I didnt update it right with the 1.9 patch, anyway- Any help would be greatly appreciated, and now- I sleep.


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Try these threads. Probably this one is best.

BTW, the blogs forum is intended for inconsequential crud that isn't worth putting in the main forums, so is not the best place to ask questions that you actually need answering. ;)

Anyway, it's the first time I've seen the title "Registered Lurker" and "Posts: 0" by a post. Cool! If only your username were wizsit2.0, it would totally pwn.

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