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Being one who writes extensivly in midi on the computer (because it's cheaper than buying a shitload of equipment), i often find it difficult to actually record my music for the album. my sister just got a keyboard, a yamaha dgx-500, which is a sweetass machine, so what i've been doing is putting the midi on a floppy and hooking the line out cable to my computer, but occasionally i run into issues like skipping so i'll have to record it again, blah blah blah. does anyone know of my programs that convert midi to wave that take full use of realistic sampling and wave tables?

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There's always WinGroove, but it costs $20...or crack it. It sounds pretty good, and has a full set of patches.

I used to go the way of softsynths for that reason, but I still find that hardware synths sound best. I do the same thing as you're doing now, taking a line out of the synth and going to the line in on the computer (except, mine first passes through a mixing board, as I have multiple synths). What I may suggest doing is getting a USB midi box (like, for example, the 2x2 Midisport), playing the midi off the computer, and recording it into the same computer. I actually get no skips that way. Even when I did it on a 120mHz machine, I got almost no skips. The USB midi box will transfer data faster than a midi cable coming from the joystick port on a soundcard.

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thanks guys. i was thinking of getting a midi/usb cable and a yamaha qy-70, but that wouldn't solve the problem. i'll have to check out some of that stuff thanks for the suggestions

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