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My big 3 wads in production

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Now that my exams are out of the way, the rest of my school term is going to be a piece of piss so i'll have much more time to work on doom stuff. I felt it is time to let you guys know what i'm up to.

A project that doesn't particulary need much of an introduction. It is basically a alternative doom universe in authentic anime style. It is different to wads like DBZ doom, Lum doom and all the other anime styled comical wads in the way that the general storyline and concept is serious and quite similar to the normal doom universe.

I'm not going into too much storyline detail in this thread but basically it's set on the planet Saharon, a desert planet where an organisation called Sephion is working on inter-dimensional space travel (slipgates so to speak) in their bases and that so far, despite the damage done to their other base on another planets by space pirates, everything is going well. After Sephion pushed ahead with their project by increasing the distance of slipgate travel for experimentation, they lost contact with their base on Saharon. Believed to be the work of terrorists, Sephion requested Shura, a military defense unit to investigate the case, and as a member of Shura that is where the player\players comes in. Little did anyone know of what Shura was really up against.

The idea of this tc is to re-design pretty much all of the textures, sprites, graphics, sounds and maps. That of course means redesigning the old doom monsters or even replaceing some of them with new ones. Here's the concept art and fanart in case you haven't seen them yet.


Most of the monsters are overfiend inspired i will admit but i have also looked elsewhere for inspiration. Also note that some of the above concepts are going to be redesign for the final outcome. The items and in particular the weapons are also going to be redesign\replaced too which again i won't dwell on too much in this thread.

Furthermore this wad will not just be pretty maps\pics\ etc. There will also be a few dehacked stuff to make things more interesting. Since this TC is for ZDoom i will be taking advantage of some of it's features (such as the extra sound thing). Furthermore although you will have to wait a while for this an MP3 music wad will also be provided for optional extras. It will contain a mix of rock and atmospheric soundtracks from different sources (generally speaking though, unless people ask me to do otherwise i am going to lay of sountracks with singing\japanese lyrics because it will probably annoy those who are notouriously hard to please or those who don't have various taste like me).

Below are some early screenshots of the tc itself. I am currently going a cleanup phrase with the development at the moment so the final outcome will be better. So you can relax knowing that the beastman's head will be smaller :-P


Due to recent events involving sneaky little shits stealing wads and claiming them as their own, i will not be releasing beta versions until further notice.

2. Leviathon doom (currently looking for a better name)

Remember those happy little berserker sprites on my skin page (that is of course if you were bothered to try my skins). Well somewhere along the line i mentioned that a while ago i made a sprite patch for G_Doom and they come from that patch. Now i a making a proper original PC for Doom1. It will involve new enemies, new and cool sfx as well as 9 new levels for your amusement. The general idea of this wad is for me to get some more practise with map making.

The storyline for this wad has not been worked on much up to this point but it generally revolves around a custom comic that i made a while back that had something about those who are part human part animal, in particular what were known as leviathons; part human part dragon (that's what the evil berserker clan are).

No screenshots or artwork can be provided either

3. Tuke pack

Generally speaking this is a big skin pack for skulltag. It is the least important of the projects that i am currently doing. The idea of it being for skulltag is to take advantage of what it can do in the future which is (hopefully) to be able to have custom-made bots.

The wad itself doesn't have a storyline but some of the skins\characters listed below have a concept to them. This outlines what is going to be in the wad.

1.TSTuke: Part human, part tiger, TSTuke is the sort of person who'd say that he's had a weird life, and being covered with orange tiger-striped skin and having a long ears and a tail has only made things worse overall. He relative knows nothing of the fact that he is a sphinx (basically a real life interpretations of cat-humans) and has only assumed that he's some weird experiment gone wrong. At the age of 17 he travels the lands, trying to make sense of his life whilst coming into conflict with deadly opponents, whether they be those like him, demons from the pits of hell or something just as sinister.

He gets most of his fighting skills from the military (he knows how to change from human to cat-human at will). However he also knows martial arts and is an expert at fighting with his claws. Don't get too close or he'll carve steaks out of you.

TSTuke will be redesigned for doom3 btw cuz i feel he's too cute for a serious concept. Either that i just need to do more realistic artwork of him.
2.Tokiyami: An evil mutant clone of TSTuke, Tokiyami is quite the opposite of what TSTuke is like. He's sadistic and brutal and desires nothing more than to destroy genetic Brother.
3.Rhan: Part human, part panther, and pretty damn large, Rhan is a vicious bugger who desires nothing more than control of the weak, and will stop at nothing to get it.
4.Zeel: A bizarre alien creature with a desire for fresh meat. (haven't thought much about his storyline)
5.Ogun: Another damn cat-guy, this weird bobcat type also has desires to be an evil dictator of everyone. However unlike Rhan he is a clever Strategist who can bide his time and seize the moment. Extremely powerful and deadly, with weird spiritual. His catch phrase is "I'LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL"
6.Gear: A character created by my friend, Elysion Gear is another lone traveller. She's pretty much human other than the fact that she has the ability to hand gurgitate metallic objects, machinery and weaponry that she has eaten (like Bolt Crank from Eatman). Hates being bored, loves a good scrap.
7.Red-nazi: A skin done by Mawcor624
8.Super-nazi: Another done by Mawcor624
9. A conversion: The Q2 model Homer to doom sprite format(i hate that tc homer one).
10.Mangadoom conversions: 6 enemies
15.My half sister (she likes doom too)
16.The knight sabers from BGC

That is all that i can think of in the meantime. The skin pack will also include my previous skins as well as some podgod alternatives (for Q3 my podgod model had loads of skins including one called pod devil).

That's about it. Needless to say i am going to be quite busy with the development of all of these.

The only problem i have so far is to do something that prevents the chaingunner from dropping his chaingun. I'll update this thread regulary based on responses and progress. That is all.

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Yep nice drawings. I liked the second Mancubus the most personally. Also IMO everything don't seem to fit all that well together, some are space-hero types and others are plain hellish. But i guess that's how most anime's are...some anyway.

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gemini09 said:

Yep nice drawings. I liked the second Mancubus the most personally. Also IMO everything don't seem to fit all that well together, some are space-hero types and others are plain hellish. But i guess that's how most anime's are...some anyway.

Yup that's anime for you. Always doing things to the extreme.

Though on the other hand, to some extent that's exactly what doom's like.

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Yeah true. I guess playing your WAD for 10 years, the monsters will blend well together them too...:) Anyway sounds and looks good. Rock on.

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Not much but it's a working progress http://www.geocities.com/tstuke/mangadoom.html

BTW about the forum thing. I don't intend to get a forum here, i was thinking about getting a free forum on proboards. However since i wish to get my geocities site hosted here i do wonder if they allow hosted sites having a link to their own forum on a different site (like proboards).

So it's not for definate.

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