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Yet another attempt at a fanfic series! Woo!

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Once again, I'm starting from scratch. I've got major writer's block when it comes to my other fic, so I'm just going to write this one for now. Take note that three different situations are going on all in the same base at similar times in this story. Enjoy.

DOOM-The X Project: Chapter I
All was quiet. Completely mute of sound, exept for the low hum of nearby machinery. He could only hear a faint whirring, as if something important was in process of completion. At last, something came on within him, and he could see. His vision was in infrared, with an extremely detailed scope of vision that gave him quite a rude awakening.

Rising a metallic hand, he flexed it before his eyes. He realized he was in a small pod, just barely big enough to hold him. And, in chorus with a fierce hissing noise, the door in front of the capsule slid open. Outside was a dark room that seemed to have previously been a laboratory of some kind, but now was littered with shattered glass, damaged machinery, and loose chemicals. He found a second pod next to his closed, and a third blown open.

Sparks and strange buzzes sputtered from the shattered glass and twisted metal. The pods seemed to be the only things in the room with any electricity- everything else was shut down. While exploring the room, he bumped against a table. He found blood all over it.

Making his way around the table, he found that it slid down a cabinet to a bloody white bag of some sort. He spun it around--and a face stared back at him. He yelled in shock and tripped on a discarded beaker, falling on to the ground. The ‘bag’ was a man wearing a white lab coat. And he was missing all of his major organs.

* * *

Leutenant Charles usually did his job well. Fear didn’t seem to effect him as much as other people. But this time it was different. Something had killed his entire team and vanished faster than anyone could react. But that’s not what bothered him so much. Whatever it was wasn’t human, and he couldn’t stop it.

That’s why he sat in the corner of the dark room, staring in horror at the half open door it had burst through. He tried not to make any sound. Not to even breathe too hard. He was afraid whatever had done this terrible thing would come back for him. He could hear it’s movements ahead, in the room in front of him. Leutenant Charles didn’t know what would happen next. And he was very afraid.

Suddenly, he could hear it getting closer. Leutenant Charles lay there, engulfed in the silent blackness that used to be a populated government base. Slowly, cautiously, he brought up his gun and checked the ammo montior. It read zero. He desperately searched his armor for any clips, or even a couple discarded bullets. Nothing.

He pulled his ten-inch knife out of it’s leather holster on his ankle, and stood up. The man froze in horror as a loud crash came from behind him. It was behind him. But how? How could it have gotten past him that easily? Suddenly, a female voice boomed through the base. “Emergency Power Reserve Activated.” Light poured into the leutenant’s eyes, and he covered his face with his hands. His eyes adjusted, and he slowly looked up. And there it was. The tall, metal thing that had once been his best friend James W. Buhner, and had wiped out half the population of the base.

He swung at it with his ten-inch, to no avail. It grabbed his hand and crushed it. Before the Leutenant could even let out a scream, It grabbed his face. Leutenant Gabriel Charles, a decorated war veteran and hero could only feel his head being torn off his shoulders for an instant before he died. He was thirty years old.

* * *

“This is the only place we’re safe in.” Elen said, sitting down on a desk. Sergeant David Buhner stood by the door with his plasma rifle gripped tightly in his hands. Elen looked at him strangely. “That door is twelve inches thick, David. That thing can’t get through.” “That ‘thing’ is my [i]brother[i/]. I don’t want him to kill all those people.” David replied, lighting a cigarette and taking a long, nervous puff. “None of us want him to kill people. But he does. He’s a failed experiment, and he’s probably already destroyed the other two like him by taking the power off for such a long time. It’s just the seven of us now, and we have to stick together to survive.”Gordon said.“What about the leutenant?” David asked.“He was on the other side when we locked the door. He’s probably dead.”Gordon replied, grimly. “Anyway, we have the emergency power on. Can’t we radio for help?” Elen asked. “No! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t want to send another group of marines to their deaths!” Scott yelled. He was the last civilian alive, and had been handling all the communications so far. Elen began to cry. “So we’re just going to sit here until we die of hunger?!”“YES!” David yelled. Elen nearly stopped breathing. "Yes, Elen! We are going to die! We’re not getting out alive! No one is! We’re all just prolonging our deaths! Let’s end it now!!” David yelled, and opened fire on the rest of the group.

Good? Bad? Hideously retarded? Gimme your feedback.

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It's good! but don't any of you know how to format dialog? ;\

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