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The Arena(BETA) released.....

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I came up with this DM level tonight and whipped it up. It has a cool concept I think. Fixing to try it out on DOOM Connector and see what people think. It's for DOOM 2, there is a ReadMe file included

Here are some screenshots:

download it here:

Check it out and tell me what you think. Let me know if you find any bugs. I will touch it up some and add some detail and release it in a few days...

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Do you need the keys? Somebody on DOOM Connector said you didn't. Then some guy said u did..I think you do on certain settings.

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no, keys are useless in DM. you automatically get them without knowing it.

btw, dont double post, just edit the previous one. :P

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sorry,ok gotcha. I will take the keys off when I finish it up tomorrow, or the next day. LOL, fucking keys in DM,lmao

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