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Cube 1.5

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I've released Cube 1.5

Nothing TOO new...I've done a lot of tweakings to the dehacked file, like making a few weapons faster, slower, more powerful, less powerful, lighter, heavier, ect.

A few enemies have been tweaked...the Bio and Sentry Bot has been tweaked (slower rates of fire and slightly lower health). Demon Elites are stronger and move a little bit faster (as if they weren't fast enough), and so on.

Changed a few graphics here and there...theres a new title and credit screen now, as well as a few new changes to the menu.

One major noticeable change is that I've scrapped Akloriza and changed the Nightmare Lord's appearance. They both now look like Barons of Hell/Hellknights, with different colorations than their originals. The new Demon Warchief (replacing Akloriza) is a green baron with redish orange hands, while the Nightmare Lord is a black baron with blue hands.

A few sounds have been changed as well.

Thats about it...I'mma take a break from Doom 2 editing for a while, but I'll be back shortly (No this doesn't mean I'm leaving the forums again! hahaha) ;).



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deathbringer said:

*Gets kicked up the arse*
mquh? oh yeah, levels *goes back to sleep* XD

haha naw, its cool...the levels are no rush

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Note: Be sure and tell me if anythings wrong or cheep. or if there are any bugs I dunno about, or just your comments...via e-mail.

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I think the imp fireballs in this version are too powerful, theyre deadly if you have no armour, they where okay in 1,4 though (keep the speed, it makes the combat with imps a bit more intense at least)

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