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X-Men Evolutions: Shadow Dance idea from Doom?

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I noticed that in the recently created cartoon X-Men Evolutions, one of the episodes, Shadow Dance, has a plot a bit similar to that of Doom. I don't know whether this was from Doom or whether it was just an incredible coincidence, but...

In the episode, Professor Xavier tests an inter-dimensional teleporter on Kurt (Nightcrawler).

In another dimension which looks like Hell, there is a lot of lava and demons.

Later, the demons use an un-closed portal and enter Earth. They were aware of the problem early on, so they didn't learn the hard way like the U.A.C. did.

Anything familiar? :P

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Alboroto said:

Did Wolverine actually did something in this episode?

He helped out Kurt in the mission that Kurt wanted to chicken out

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