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Dark Nexus: Chapter 2 - Darkness in the Heavens

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Dark Nexus:
by Chris "Kuberr" Wolfe

Chapter 2 – Darkness in the Heavens:

As I began looking for a way in, I felt strange standing in front of this door. The odd shape and metallic colors weren’t like anything I’d seen before. I feared what I would find inside. But I couldn’t let that get to me, not yet at least. I’ve faced demons and humans that might as well be demons. Then again, I don’t even know that I’ll face anything at all. Perhaps I’ll get lucky, and this place will be abandoned, and just floating around in space.

I searched for at least thirty minutes, three times over, around the door. I haven’t found anything! Damn it all to hell…or what’s left of it, anyway. After yelling a few choice words at the blasted door I sat down. I looked up and saw a blinking red light that had been carved upward into the ceiling, unnoticeable unless you would actually happen to look at it. Since there was nothing else to do I got up and walked over to it, and looked up at it. Suddenly, the trim around the edge of the door turned a purplish-red, and a humming sound began.

The door was doing something, but I wasn’t sure what. Maybe it’s foolish to think that a door would do anything besides simply open, but with all that I’ve been through you can never be too sure. With that in mind I stepped back about twenty paces, and as I watched the door, I noticed a glow traveling down the door, splitting it in two. I watched the light until it reached the bottom, when suddenly the glow faded, and each side of the door split apart and moved sideways into the cavern walls. As I walked forward, I could only see that the cavern continued to another door, which appeared to be smaller. At least now there wasn’t some fading light trim to throw me off of my concentration. As I walked I looked around at the tunnel. The architecture was that of an octagon, but had the same kind of weird metal as the door, except the strange patterns were much larger. Half way down the tunnel, suddenly the door behind me began closing.

I walked rather slowly, resisting the urge to talk to myself incase there were ears listening. I couldn’t help but keep noticing the ventilation system, it almost made the place sound like it was breathing. That’s when I stopped thinking about it, was when that thought crossed my mind. One of the things I didn’t want to see here were walls made of flesh, sweating and moist, stinking of a live human burning. For some reason I found myself picking up my pace, and then I was running. I don’t know what for, was I running from the memories that I wanted to forget? Or was I trying to run from myself, trying to get myself to quit remembering? It didn’t matter, I had reached the smaller door.

This door had a trim around it as well, with the same lighting that faded as the door got taller. I dare say it was a more traditional door, the kind of door I was accustomed to at this point. It was taller than I was, but not gigantic. I went up to it, and with that luck that I seem to bear with me all the time, opened up by pressing on it. The door was raised to the ceiling, and I walked into a rather oddly shaped room. There were three sky lights above, and what I saw laying on the center of the floor made me realize that my luck had ran dry at that very moment. A corpse, with a shotgun in its dead hand lay there on the floor…

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