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doom diaries

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June 6, 2579-
Well, we made great advancements today against the Hellspawn. We took out a nest of Imps, and destroyed a Demon convoy. We look to take over their base and use for a new base. Our last was obliterated by the demon a couple days ago.
June 7, 2579-
Shouldn't of have been so darned optomistic. Unfortuneatly, the Hellies(as we have taken to calling them) smashed one of our regiments. I was the one soldier to make it out alive, so I sided up with the 58th Division. I got a deep gash on my shoulder from a KoH, but I blew him away with my RL. God, I hope I survive this war. Gotta stop writing, I and my Division have been called up to the front unexpectedly....finish tommorow...with the help of God....
June 8, 2579-
Well, I'm still alive-but barely. I was nearly killed when a Caco came up behind me and blasted my back, knocking my feet out from under me. I got up and let him have with a fallen comrade's Plasma Rifle. This just isn't like the "impersonal" wars we used to fight against each other hundereds of years ago....the demons don't play fair, plue they've got black magic on their side. The sky, once, has a menacing red with clouds of black racing across.....This is probably an omen that I won't survive....

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