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strange Heretic bug....

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Hmmm, I was experimenting with telefragging on E1M1... There is a place that if you press a switch, a teleport opens, and you can use it to enter the watery area outside.

I used the "kitty" cheat code to guide monsters to the teleporter destination. Well, once I telefragged an undead warrior, and some how, there was a repeating sound of an axe being thrown.

Very wierd. I did save it, and if anyone wants the file, I might upload it somewhere in a few days.

Oh, and it is the "Shadow of the Serpent Riders" edition, so it may not be compatible with every Heretic game.

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I've seen that before, but I didn't telefrag anything. I just killed them like usual, but once I get back around that area, every so often I hear the sound of the green axe (since I don't think the bloody red axe makes any sound) flying through the air, but in one spot. I think it has something to do with the wind. There are two ways I can think of that could cause this.

1 - The wind blows the axe to a near standstill when it crosses into a sector where there is no wind. In this case, the axe will remain there, moving ever so slowly until it either hits something or crosses into another sector (or the previous sector) where there is wind. If this happened, you would be able to see the axe and the sound wouldn't be at full volume.

2 - The wind blows the axe that it moves so fast that it actually flies through a wall without impacting on it. When this happens, all sorts of odd things happen. First of all, the axe will still be affected by the wind (for a while anyway). Second, there is nothing to get in the way, so the axe will continue flying off the map. Now this is where the really strange part comes in. I've noticed that if the axe reaches a certain spot, the sound could be played at full volume throughout most of the map. Another peculiar thing that happens is that if it goes out far enough, it will actually wrap around. Now it will start heading towards you again, and it might impact the wall on the opposite side of the map.

By the way, this will be moved to General in Classic Doom.

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