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Try my wads.

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I've been making wads for the past half year. and just thought that I should point them out to you. They're in my siggy. I hope I maybe get more attention here.

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Hello Ninja_of_DooM, I'm The Ultimate DooMer, one of the /newstuff chroniclers on these forums. If you have a wad you want to release, the best place to upload it is the DooM archive. The Doomworld FAQ will tell you how to do this, and may also answer any other questions you may have about newstuff. The wad will then be reviewed on Sunday by myself or one of the other reviewers. If you have any questions, my contact details are on the bar at the bottom of this post.

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I tried your Monster Condo 2...I couldn't resist...I loved the orginal Monster Condo, so I had to see what a sequal would be like.

Its very challenging, that I like. I also like how you included the old Monster Condo music..which is my favorite Doom 2 song.

I did notice a few texture errors...like some of the switches I hit seemed a bit strange looking...dunno really if thats your fault or mine cuz I don't know anything about map making and such. I used ZDOOM when I played it.

Some spots I saw had a sort of hall of mirrors effect...mostly I saw this on the edges of walls and things. I also could have sworn I saw a Cacodemon shooting at me through a wall which I could not pass through myself..dunno what that is either.

Over all, I like gameplay over looks (probably why I like Doom so much), so in conclusion, nice job...haven't played an "un-easy" map in a long time...4/5.

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Ah. I designed MC 2 for Legacy. That's where the problems come in. Try the night version of Imp Temple (in the Imp Temple .zip file) in JDooM. I think It looks pretty good myself. And maybe try it in Legacy. I made a ZDooM version with the basic eassy to insert stuffage in it so try that when I up load it to this archive thingy.:-)

Oh and thanks. I seem to be getting more publicity here. I asked folks on ND but nothing much happened. How Do I upload it tothe archive? The FAQ doesn't seem to be working.

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