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Ultimate hell story-part 1

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Blah, a story of a wad you can't play yet, continuation of this depends on how many more fucking pointless days i'll have to spend in college cause all i had to do was print out two pages but cant get home

Ultimate hell story-The prelude-Part 1

"Shit duties again eh Robertson?" the technician said to me as I pushed a trolley full of crates past him on my way to the cargo lift "Yeah, the commanders still pissed off about that incident with the ravage fighter, cant a guy have any fun these days" I said back as we both rode up to the storage bays on the lift. I'm Jamie Robertson, US Marine corps, i'm 23 years old, with light brown hair and blue eyes, and I'm currently stationed in the UAC base on Phobos, the larger of Mars two moons.
Since 2050 the Union Aerospace Corporation have been setting up facilities on various locations around the solar system, they have bases on the Moon, Mars and its two moons, An "airship" base in Jupiter's atmosphere, as well as bases on two of Jupiter's moons, Europa and Callisto.
I'm one of the 75 marines stationed on the phobos base, most of us, including me, are here because of various activities we really shouldn’t have been engaging in back on earth. Some of the marines are here for drunkenness, speeding around bases in the dead of night in hover jeeps and that sort of thing. I personally am here because during a riot on earth I assaulted a senior officer when he ordered me and my platoon to open fire on a group of civilians, he got a "hero's" burial in pearl harbour, I got 5 years on this rock.
The cargo lift creaked to a halt and me and the tech stepped off. I pushed the trolley into cargo bay 2, off to the left, while the tech went over to a computer console on the wall and started tapping away. Once I was inside the cargo bay I had a quick look around me, then relaxed and pulled out a packet of smokes, the rest of the marines had all been called over to the phobos lab complex on the other side of the moon suddenly, leaving only me and about 5 other marines on the same duties as me in the living and storage areas. I didn’t know why they where called over there, probably another drill of a terrorist attack, though I don’t know why any terrorist would want to attack this place- there where scientists working on something in the lab complex, but terrorists would probably be more interested in the weapons research complex on demios.

"It doesn’t make any sense sir" private Thompson radioed back to his commanding officer "If the power is off here we'd know about it from the relay readouts at the main base, and anyway, where are all the scientists? This is weird". He moved down a large, high-ceilinged corridor with 5 other marines in a standard fire-team formation, another group moved along the other side, slightly behind his group, in the same way, in all about 60 marines where slowly converging on the centre of the large labs complex, trying to find answers to the sudden power loss and strange disappearance of all the staff. The lights from their helmet-mounted torches swept around the hall, Thompson thought he saw movement for a split second, but when he looked back there was nothing, he dismissed it as a trick of the lights, though he did feel a subtle burning sensation around him all of a sudden. "That’s the last time I try the 'chefs special'" he muttered to himself.
The marines which had been sent to the lab complex where now all crowded round a small mess hall for the scientists, a few of them hadn’t checked in yet, so the rest started to set up electric lamps and other equipment to illuminate the area and make the room a bit more hospitable. Thompson eyed the entrance to the toilets out of the corner of his eyes, he felt very weird and faint now, and the burning sensation seemed to be concentrating itself in his head "Be right back" he mumbled and went towards the toilets. He walked inside and went into a stall, then stopped and recoiled in horror, one of the scientists was hung by his feet in the stall, his face was twisted into an expression of pure terror and his intestines where ripped out and hanging round his body, the walls where covered in blood which had been drawn into evil-looking symbols and strange writing. Thompson stepped back and unshouldered his rifle, scanning the area for whoever or whatever could have done this, when suddenly the dead scientist started to speak, Thompson aimed his rifle at the man, who was speaking in a deep, immensely evil-sounding voice in a language unlike any he had ever heard, the burning sensation in his head suddenly became much stronger, he struggled to concentrate as the scientists eyes shot open, revealing nothing but a fiery orange glow. Thompson wanted to scream, but instead he just went weak at the knees and collapsed.
Stevens went over to the toilet door and knocked "You gonna be all day in there Thompson?" he called out, suddenly the door was ripped open, Stevens caught a brief glimpse of Thompson's face, his eyes glowing with an evil orange light, when suddenly the power came back on, revealing to the marines the ambush which had been quietly prepared around the glass walls of the mess hall, they started to react, some in confusion, others in fear, others in the well-oiled response of combat soldiers, but it didn’t matter. It was over in seconds.

Scientists, marines and other base workers congregated in the small area at the centre of the main Phobos base complex. "Can anyone raise the storage bays?" one panicked man yelled "We cant raise anyone, we just know some sort of attack is taking place" yelled a marine, sweeping his rifle round the area, trying to pick any unusual sounds out of the confusion. Suddenly, he heard a metallic whining from one corridor, he knew what it meant, the monorail from the lab complex was arriving. "Shush, this might be the marines, back from the labs, they might be able to tell us what's happening" he shouted. The scientists and technicians quietened down a bit, suddenly, something incredibly fast shot round the corner of the corridor and into the marine, he recoiled and stumbled backwards. "What was…?" a technician blurted out before the marine's head snapped back up, his eyes glowing evilly. He raised his rifle and grunted, the crowd of scientists and techs stood no chance against the hail of bullets. Some wounded one's managed to crawl away, only to realise they where surrounded by some sort of evil force, dark shapes shot through the corridors, coming through walls and floors to get at them. Those affected suddenly turning their rage onto the survivors…

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