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New version of Cube (1.5 to 1.5a)

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Thanks for all of your feedback :)

I have made several little tweaks to Cube 1.5...you can download the upgrade from 1.5 to 1.5a on the website:


here is a list of the changes:

-Changed text reading "Akloriza" at the end screen to read "D. Warchief"
-Lowered Scientist and BEI plasma shot damage from 10 to 8
-Lowered Electrode Gun shot damage from 10 to 8
-Lowered Scientist HP from 150 to 145
-Raised Scientist Speed from 8 to 9
-Raised Scientist Height from 20 to 21
-Lowered BEI HP from 60 to 55
-Reduced BEI attack rate slightly
-Reduced the "heavyness" of the Creature Creator to make it lighter
-Reduced the "heavyness" of the Mortar Launcher to make it lighter
-Changed ammo capacities to be more realistic
-Lowered Creature Creator ammo usage from 60 to 50
-Lowered inital bullets from 35 to 32
-Made Monsters be able to fight their own kind
-Changed cheat for Partial Invisibility from "cloak" to "predator"
-Changed cheat for Level Warp from "go2lev" to "warp"
-Changed cheat for a Chainsaw from "chainsaw" to "bansaw"
-Raised armor class for "security vest" from 1 to 2
-Raised armor class for "swat team bullet proof vest" from 2 to 3
-Changed text reading "Supercharge!" when picking up a SoulSphere to read "SoulSphere!"


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