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Simple Maps?

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Anyone know of any particularly simple maps? I've been downloading some and they're just either too hard for me to do or not easy enough for me to just cruise through and kill demons (like therapy, almost). I'm not really that great at video games, so when something's really hard I don't go "oh great, a challenge!". I usually say, "fuck it, I know an easier game". Not to say a challenge isn't fun once in a while, but I do get in the mood for an easy game. Anyone got any?

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Do you mean simple by today's standards, or simple by mid-1990s standards? And are you looking for maps with easy gameplay, or simple maps (i.e. the route is obvious and there is nothing even remotely resembling a puzzle)?

TVR! is a nice megawad that is fairly easy by current standards. None of the maps are very large, and the difficulty is roughly similar to Doom2.wad.

A lot of older wads (though not all!) offer quite easy gameplay. You could try Serenity/Eternity/Infinity, or Return to Phobos.

And don't forget that most good wads have difficulty settings. Even Hell Revealed and Alien Vendetta are pretty easy on skill 1.

You can use http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?search to find most wads.

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Level 10 on Doom 2 (Refuling Base) is probably my favorite level of all time. It's a big place with lots of monsters and not necessarily the easiest map to get around in, at least your first time through. If you wanna help me out, take a look and see if that reminds you of any maps you've played for zdoom.

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