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Comic Book Fans: Crossgen Comics

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I don't know if there are any comic book fans on the boards, but if there is, y'all should check out Crossgen Comics. They currently produce something like 20 individual books per month, 15 of them pertaining to the same universe. The other 5 to 10 books are individual books that stand on their own. But then again, the 15 books also stand on their own and crossover once in a while in such a way that you don't need to read any 2 books, just one if you want. I happen to get all 15 every month, but that's because I'm a freak. I fell in love with the company after the first issue of their primere book back in 2000 and have been a fan ever since. I suggest you at least pick up the first 2 of the "Negation" graphic novels. If you want more info.. here's the link http://www.crossgen.com .

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Oh yeah, I almost forgot to add probably one of the most important features about Crossgen is the fact that they have pretty much every genre covered. Mystery, Horror, Sci-fi, Drama, Super-heros, Samurai, Kung-fu and even a little bit of Comedy. So there's pretty much something for everyone. For Doom fans, I suggest "Negation" and "Route 666". Don't let that last title fool you. It's not entirely corny and there are a lot of cool bloody scenes in it. And dude.. Negation is just cool. Cool monsters, an all-star team of individuals with unique powers, and it's basically a space adventure. Plus there's these dudes named Lawbringers who are ugly, violent, and pleanty. It's just an all around great book. It doesn't get the best sales (for some odd reason) but it always ends up getting the fan's votes as the best book they make.

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