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Naked Snake

Urban Nightmare PART TWO TEASER

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Uh, since I probably won't finish this for a while, I might as well show you all what I've done so far, BTW, this is a direct copy and paste with absolutely no editing, so some parts are unfished or something...

This is another chapter of Urban Nightmare : http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=16018

sumashedshiy - Russian (crazy)

The sewers reeked of Joder, but I dealt with it, though I didn't want to. I'm Raphael Jackson JR, born and raised in Cuba until I came to Texas for freedom from the Communist government of Cuba. My father, also named Raphael, was killed, labelled as a threat to the government. Goddamn Castro. I've lost count of the nights I spent crying, dreaming of brutally murdering that pig, that worthless piece of shit, but I couldn't. My mother, she went insane after that and ended up in a below-par nursing home that my brother, Roberto, is (was?) paying for. Oh how I hope that Hell has not come to Cuba, my homeland.

"Jackson, hurry the fuck up" I implored, waving my hand at the Hispanic, beckoning him further.
"I'll go at my own pace, *asshole*" Jackson spat. We trudged through, our NVGs making the sewers look green.
"Yugh" Robert groaned, looking at the mess on his boots.
"Ah, don't worry about it, kid" I said, trying my best to comfort him a little about his "shitty" situation. We heard tanks or something similar rolling above our heads and then explosions and the sound of humans, living ones, shouting. Commanders barking orders, soldiers yelling and the noise of boots and vehicles racing about.
"Shit yeah! WHOOP SOME ASS, GUYS!" Rob shouted, though they probably didn't hear him over all that ruckus. After about 10 minutes, the sounds of monsters died down and the sound of troops on the move continued. We too continued on. We trekked through the maze-like sewers until we found another manhole, which I decided would be best moved with a little bit of C-4, just a little bit though. We primed it for a 10 second fuse and ran back around the corner. The explosion wasn't that great, but it did the job, sending the manhole cover high up into the air. We climbed up and suddenly, there were a whole lot of guns pointed at us.
"Are you sumashedshiy?" a man asked, who had a Russian accent, a neatly trimmed black goatee and silver hair. "You've probably just given away our location!" the man said, waving his arms around in exasperation. "Get these bastards in the APC and we'll deal with them later." We were moved into a huge APC that could easily fit 30 people. We were placed in the "detention" area, which I found odd, why would they need a detention area? We took the time we had to eat the food given to us, though it wasn't very good. A peanut-butter and jelly sandwhich and some nasty drink that contained a nice helping of every damn viatmim and mineral a person needs to be excessively healthy. We took turns with the shower, while the others washed the showering person's clothing. We then got re-dressed and slept on our respective cots. Thankfully, we were not disarmed. I don't think a single one of us didn't have a nightmare...

We woke up, but we were not in the APC any more. We were now in a large room, still like a cell, but more comfortable and less imposing. The Russian man came into the room, but I think he changed uniforms, I recalled a lot of blood on him when we first met.
"Were you locals of that town?" The Russian asked, glancing at all 3 of us. We simply nodded. "We have some sad news. You were the only ones we have found alive, aside from some armed forces members.". We were too shocked to react, but I was near tears, as was Rob and even Jackson. The Russian sighed before continuing. "I am Colonel Nikita Mishkin, leader of a the Deep Seven, a top secret international mercenary group. We've been sent in to Bull's Tooth to deal with the large gathering of demons there and find survivors, if any. Now that we've gathered up the civilian survivors, we're going to decimate the town." He seemed grim and geniunely sad that he had to give the order to destroy our town. Jackson spoke for us.
"We'd rather have it burned to the ground that have it soiled by those fucking things.". We all agreed. The Colonel nodded and bid us good day and left. We enjoyed sleep (dreamless sleep, thanks to drugs they provided), fresh water and tasty food. Suddenly, we were summoned to the situation room by Nikita. He looked grim, yet collected, he brushed his hand through his silver hair as we sat down.
"We've found out that the team carrying an Interdimensional Gate Reducer was killed and the I.G.R. was lost. We need you to go back and find it before we destroy the town"
"No fucking way" I spoke up, shaking my head no and pointing my finger at him and adding "Fuck you, we're not going back into that warzone. Why is that thing so important?"
"Think of it as a Gate Crusher, it destroys the Hellspawn's gates. It's very important because if we don't have it we can't close the gate in the town, and even if we did utterly destroy the town, the gate would still be there, allowing hellspawn to pour through. We've chosen you because you know the area, you've lived there, you would know the most likely places it would be stored, as it is pretty big"
"We're not going" I stated firmly.
"Oh, I believe you are, because if you don't, well...let us just say you'll beg us to send you if you refuse". I swallowed hard.
"Ok, fine. Load us up with our gear..."

We were given our gear, fresh clothing and some extra ammo. I was also issued a top of the line flamethrower, which was very small, it folded and used canisters about the size of a soda can, yet could store enough fuel for the weapon to be fired for about 10 minutes straight. I was issued 10 canisters. Jackson was issued an R.P.G. 8, capable of launching rocket-propelled and non-rocket-propelled grenades. Rob was issued a plasma rifle. We also got "heavy" (as in it can take heavy punishment, yet in terms of actual weight, it is very light) armor and helmets with too many built-in features to name. Our mission was to find the I.G.R., activate it and send the signal for them to find and retrive it. Secondary goals were to find survivors and possibly find and mark small gate clusters on the map for air-strike while we did our mission.

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