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mod music

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duz n e one know n e thing about converting mp3 to mod and how to use them in a wad and wether or not u need a special port to use it?

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MP3 files are long, compressed sound waves. MOD files contain several (usually short) sound waves ("samples") and other information ("patterns", "orders", etc.) which describe which one of the sound waves will be played when at what speed/pitch/volume, etc.

So to answer the first part of the question, in theory you can convert one MP3 (or a part of it) to a sample and use it in a MOD file, but in my opinion it's not much use. There is lots of other ways of getting quality samples for your MODs.

The original Dooms can only play MUS files. You will need a special port for the above. ZDooM can play MP3s and almost all MOD formats (S3M, IT, XM, etc). I'm not sure about the other source ports, maybe someone else knows.

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