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Sphere Beta

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After I put out Cube 1.5, I started idly working on another deathmatch project. The working title right now for it is "Sphere" ;) (geeze, Cube? Sphere? Whats next...Pyramid right?)

Sphere is very different from Cube...it has a magical theme insted of military. You use spells and magic staffs and what not. Interesting weapon setup. I made it because of what I did with the BFG..and from there I added more weapons (exactly how I made Cube...I started with a BFG weapon and worked my way down)

the weapons are

1. Spiked Fist
1a. Viper Staff
2. Inferno Spell
3. Gold Wand
3a. Emerald Wand
4. Hand Blast
5. Storm Glove
6. Blud Rod <-- This weapon was originally going to be in Cube, but was cut
7. Armageddon Staff

Its not as great as Cube (if Cube is great in the first place...) but check it out anyways...its only in a beta stage...only the weapons and sounds are replaced and a little bit of dehacked. Tell me what you think.



oh, and the new Cube page is (just so everyone knows...update your bookmarks if you made them):


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ACK! I'm an idiot! I forgot to add the DEHACKED file and the BEX file into the zip!

haha one moment plz...

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