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Thank you Doom Community!

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I just wanted to take some time out and thank the entire Doom community for everything that I've learned over the years since Doom came out, actually since it was unleashed on the unsuspecting populace...:)

I consider myself one of the old time Doomers, been around since the beginning. Man, that's a long time for a game to stick around and have the influence that it's had and continues to have on all of us. Even Id Software can't get away from it...so Doom3 is on the way. Remembering when it came out and finding out that we could make new levels and harassing Id to release their editor so we could do something about making those levels come true. I tried my first level construction using a very early version of DoomCad, man did those levels suck! Of course back then they really rocked, none of the famous names dealing with Doom levels was around.

After I d/l the original shareware version of Doom and finally figuring out all those confounding puzzles I finally called that toll free number to Id and ordered the registered version of Doom! Cost me $40 for that stuff! But it was well worth it and then I got Doom2, The Master Levels, Final Doom and the list goes on and on. It has been and continues to be fun! I learn everyday from all of you guys and gals just from reading the forums, so all of you have taught me alot since it all started...thanks! :)

I remember the excitement when I learned how to hook-up modem to modem for a coop or deathmatch game and of course finally being able to have more than 2 people in a game when I learned about the BBS's that had game connection and you could have four players at a time. The Doom tournaments online we had and I directed as well. Sorry everyone, it's just good memories I've had for this game and I just wanted to share a few with you. I also remember playing on all those DWANGO servers located across country, especially the one out of Texas...cost me some bucks on that one...:)

Of course my biggest highlight was when I applied and was accepted into TeamTNT and I thank Ty Halderman for all that, thanks Ty! I was a horrible map designer and I knew nothing about texture alignments but he had patience with me and finally they accepted me. Maybe he just felt sorry for me who knows...;)

To finish off, even though I may disagree with some of you on things throughout these forums and sometimes some of these disagreements can get heated, I've still learned even during those times! You guys rock man!

BTW...I've still got all my original floppies for Registered Doom and Doom2, the labels have yellowed but they still work!

Keep it rolling!!

Cadman - Member TeamTNT

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I almost thought that was a farewell speech, especially the bit about still having the games.

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Vile said:

I almost thought that was a farewell speech, especially the bit about still having the games.

Yes, I thought it was going to end with something like "But now it is finally time to move on...".

If discussions never got heated, it would suggest people just didn't really care. We have no worries on that score, clearly. ;)

I've still got the original Doom2 v. 1.666 floppy disks (5 of them), and the disks to which I backed up the Shareware Doom (while removing it from someone else's computer, to free up some disk space for them), but everything else is on those boring CDs.

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I invented doom you know

Woa, then who are these id software fuckers I keep reading about?

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Grogglogobofink said:

yes, but i invented you and thus deserve all credit

Have to point out that when the I of God takes a note of the "I of a not God's inventions", he'll realise he's God and he'll create you and all your creations in his mind and steal all your credits and if you're unlucky your creditcards too.

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As far as I can tell, I'm not programmed to help. My core functions include mocking, derision, and denial of culpability. Secondary functions are limited to professing that things aren't as good as they used to be and table tennis. So I guess that means I'm out of that whole "helping" thing as well.


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