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Old WADs under the Doom64 TC

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OK, so already I'm itching to try some more wads for the Doom64 TC, but obviously there aren't any yet. Here’s a quick, cheap and cheerful way to play a limited number of existing doom wads with the Doom64 TC.


Some of the D64 monsters are taller than their counterparts and may get stuck or prevent platforms from moving.

Certain monsters are missing – eg Archvile, Revenant, Chaingunner – so if your level depends on them, forget it. There is no point in including the graphics for these in the following procedure, because the TC uses these monsters as something else (mainly as fake players – presumably for the intro demo)

Will not work with WADs that have a TEXTURE1 lump. I think it may be because the intro demo cannot find the textures it needs and Doomsday crashes. This also means that certain textures look wrong – eg BFALL looks like a flashing computer screen.

Some items are quite a bit different – eg the tech pillar is a hanging light and will no longer block movement.

However, if you pick a nice simple, reasonably tall roomed level without any of the problem monsters, you can have a bit of fun in an old level but make it feel as if it is a Doom64 add on level rather than a Doom2 one. OK, so it has Doom, rather than Doom64 textures, but the monsters, weapons, sounds and music will be right.


Use DeePsea to export all the Doom2 patches to a WAD

Export all the Doom2 Flats to a WAD

Export the sprites for the Burning Barrel, SSGuy, Spiderdemon, Flaming Skulls decoration, Pillar with a heart, Candle Eye decoration, Boss cube (last 2 are a bit pointless – the Eye is wrongly positioned and the boss cube landings don’t accept boss cubes - so they're useless)

Export the Doom64 Playpal to a new WAD

Load all the files into DeePsea

Go to the graphics editor (under the all powerful F7 key) and convert all the textures (including sprites) and flats declaring the original palette as Doom. Save. You have now converted all your graphics to the Doom64 palette. (The file you have created should be a little over 5mb).

Now load the Doom64 TC and the newly created graphics files with any file you want to try.

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I was playing around with some of the sprites the other day and I found ones like the demon didn't convert overly well to the doom palette by simple nearest color matching (I assume that's what deepsea does) because the pink ranges are a bit different, so they ended up converting over with like 4 colors and looked like they were made with crayons :/

I did convert the imps however, they came over quite nicely, though I had to dehacked scale them with zdoom.

speaking of that, does jdoom even really support hires sprites? it seems that, while all the doom64 sprites are bigger than their doom counterparts, they aren't scaled down any in game so they're just, uh, big sprites...

I never really played doom64 on the n64 but were the monsters that much bigger than the player?

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Yeah, I've tried a few in the original doom palette too. Some look OK, others less so. That's one of the reasons I thought about trying the above - ie transferring the Doom patches/flats and any sprites which could work into the TC rather than transferring the TC resources into Doom (which someone is bound to do sooner or later anyway).

I think for the TC, what they did was move the player view height up a bit. I remember asking about how they were going to get round the sprite size thing a while back. That certainly seems to be what they did. If you play a familiar level with a low ceiling using the TC, your POV seems closer to the ceiling than normal. Also, as you noted, to get the sprites looking good in something like Zdoom, sprite scaling is the order of the day. Unscaled in Zdoom, they definitely look taller compared to the player POV than they do in the TC.

Edit: Oh yeah, and in case you haven't realised, the really nice versions of the pictures are actually in PK3 files (Zip) in doomsday\data\doom64\auto These are all "Hi-Colour" png files. I don't know enough about Doomsday, so I'm assuming the really nice pictures (in a format not storeable in a WAD?) are used by JDoom but the offsets for the graphics come from the 256 colour doom format ones inserted in the WAD.

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the d64data.pk3 files contain hi resolution graphics used by Jdoom. (latest version seems to have this feature)

they should be automatically loaded if they were in the /data/doom64/auto directory.

the sprites are indeed large, but they were pretty large in the oringinal game as well. I've added some pictures to compare the difference.

N64 version

PC version

also, when I'll upload a new patch, I may increase the player's view height a little bit more.

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DSV 4 has doom 64 enemies and uses the normal PC Doom palette (i think), they dont look bad, it even has a cool black cyberdemon. also some of the monsters have been shrunk to 'normal size', ie the imp

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The Cyberdemon's height wasn't configured properly, and therefore, it can go into places it shouldn't be able to fit into (namely, the place with an assload of rockets in Cat and Mouse)

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I'm pretty sure Doomsday actually supports sprite scaling now (I remember seeing a pic of a super-high-res medikit), so you could get the monsters to standard Doom size methinks.

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speaking of that, does jdoom even really support hires sprites? it seems that, while all the doom64 sprites are bigger than their doom counterparts, they aren't scaled down any in game so they're just, uh, big sprites...

You can be damn sure jDoom supports hi-res sprites! It now supports hi-res EVERYTHING! Whooo hooo! And! Last time I talked to DemonDemon (though it was awhile ago, he could've changed his mind) he was making hi res versions of all da sprites! Yes! Wheeee!

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