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the old doom front end

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yea i know, and dont think it was my work! also i am not trying to steal some fame from king elvis. I was just perserving a part of dooms past. I know the old dos front end is nothing compared to new ones but at its time it had some very good features. It not only alowed doom2 levels to be played with doom1. It could run a map on a level u choose and not what it was made for. It also had a randomizing program, like a very bad version of slige, but it did not make new levels. It could change items and monsters, textures and lighting levels. IT had a better set up for deathmatch games and it could run all your wads quick. It was truely a kick ass program back in 1995 and even before. the levels on my ftp account are from the same disk as that program. the disk was called D!zone for doom and doom II

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Hey sephiroth, I think nobody has claimed that you want to steal some fame...or do I have missed something ?

Whatsoever, I have tried to run the "old frontend", but it will not work on my 2K machine.

I like criticism, good or bad. I like people telling me:
Hey, look at this frontend XYZ, it has a great feature. Can we have this in your frontend too ?

There are also people who email me to make some special features only can be used by this special people. What should I'm telling you...I sometimes compiled this special editions because I like if people got pleased.

I'm closing I have to say: After one year on less or more developing on my stuff I think it has resulted in a nice tool...OK, I'm a bit worried because it's maybe a little bit complicated to understand how the frontend works...but if nobody tell me that he/she have problems with anything...I can't make things easier or better, because I simply don't know.

I'm repeating now what I have said often:

Feedback is absolutely nessecary because:

1) I know what you like and what not

2) I know if you find my stuff usefull

3) I keep up my motivation, because I now you care

4) I need influence

5) I like conversation

6) I like to waste my time with something usefull

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