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Alternate Status Bar,Doom Guy Face, and Player Sounds

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First, does anyone know where I can find a nice page with links to a bunch o' different status bars? Or you could just give me some right now. What I'm really looking for is a techy/futuristic or military, Splinter Cell-ish status bar.

Secondly, doth anyone know where I can find an alternate Doom guy face/head thingie for the status bar? I'm specifically looking for one themed after a special forms or covert ops guy, like Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell or the Umbrella G-Men from Resident Evil, but any new face will do. Except, of course, for the smiley face from Green Goblin's Deathmatch.

Finally, does anyone know where I can get some alternate player sounds? And by that I mean, the grunting, dying noises, etc.

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