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Fraggle Script

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i was wondering if there is a way to produce legacy colourmaps when you use a switch, i heard this had to be done in fraggle script, but i dont know quite how to do it yet, does anyone know

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Tag your colormap linedef to a dummy sector. Make a line on that dummy sector the "3D Light from ceiling" type ( 303 ). Now tag the 303 line to the sector/sectors you want to be effected. Make sure the ceiling of the dummy sector is lower than the floor of the sectors you want to effect. Now tag your switch to a script that when hit, raises the ceiling of the dummy sector to a height higher than the cieling of your effected sectors. You can also make it check if the colored light is on or off and switch to the other automatically.

You'd get more / faster help by posting on the Legacy forum itself. :)

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