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Reu Web Site Update!

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Hey, dudes!

We've uploaded the NEW Resident Evil Unleashed website, all Java based! Say goodbye to shitty web pages created by me! This one was created by another guy working on our team.

Well, we're back on track with REU, new development team, all that good stuff. And we're using GLEDGE. Now you must have 3d to play.

Check the website for more information (http://reu.150m.com).
Our Daikatana II Website is also coming soon!
Forums: http://www10.brinkster.com/firstgen/forum/display_forum_topics.asp?ForumID=11&PagePosition=1&ThreadPage=1

Thanks for the people who have continued to support this undead project!
Talk to you dudes soon!

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Nice site, although dark text on a dark background makes it difficult for senior citizens (such as myself) to read. Dark_Photon does have a clever way with words, doesn't he? Now on to suggestions:

    1. Perhaps the news should start with latest first then older news as the reader scrolls down?
    2. In the status section it sounds like some work has already been done. It would be nice to have some pictures.
    3. Most of the site seems to be heavily under construction. That makes it difficult to get a sense of the project and the team.

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Thanks for the suggestions!
Yeah, it's much better than our other web sites.
We're actually about to release the Public Alpha, so some NEW content, screenshots, character stuff, enemies, etc. will be available here this week or the next.
So, I assume you like it?

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Chu said:

So, I assume you like it?

From what I've seen, yes.

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