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Zombie Keeper

Using zdoom with external wads...

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The easiest way is to simply drag and drop the wad into Zdoom.exe
You can also make a shortcut to zdoom.exe, and enter the wad into the target path. I.e zdom.exe -file yourwad.wad

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-file is best, because some user creations have like 3 wads and maybe a deh to load all at once.

Also it's easiest for multiplayer hosting or joining.

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Make a new text file, and write this in it:

zdoom.exe -file wadname.wad -deh dehname.deh

(the -deh part is not needed if there isnt a dehacked patch obviously), now save this in the same directory as zdoom and the wadfile, but change the .txt extension to .bat (either do this when you save, or by renaming, you'll need to have "hide file extensions for known file types" turned off, but who has it turned on anyway?), then simply run the bat file, and if zdoom.exe, the iwad, the pwad, the deh and the bat file are all in the same file it'll work XD

(this was broguth to you by the old wad 'securitron', which came with bat files from which i taught myself how to create them for ports with no launchers, ie all of them except legacy XD)

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I'm too lazy to type out something to run each wad.. or change it everytime I want to play a different one.
I just select all the files and drop them on zdoom.exe..

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