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[non-Doom] My first attempt at a "dark" pic.

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Don't expect the next Silverwyvern, or even the next BBG. Just click.
Pic Is Here. 86k, 1024x768res

I have mixed feelings over this. I like the shading and the eyes, myself, but the "light reflection" looks like it's made of plastic, and the background is waaay to simplistic for this kind of pic. Oh well, I'll redraw it better when I have more SKILLZ. :)


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Hah it looks cool, it looks like plastic as you said but I like the shadeing, myself I cant make CG art worth shit so keep at it :-)

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Ok... lemme see... First of all, the tunnel is too light. Assuming that the entrance of the tunnel is on the side of the viewers perspective, that should be the only point where light enters the tunnel, and thus, at the very least, the creature itself should block most of the light from reaching behind it with it's shadow. And unless the creature itself is black, the light level of the tunnel walls should be about the same as that of the creature itself. This is also assuming, mind you, that all of this is happening towards the mouth of the tunnel so that enough light to see anything can get in, and it also assumes that the viewer is not part of the world this creature exists in, and therefor cannot cast any shadow on the tunnel either. With that in mind, it can also be said that the highlights on the creature are a little too bright. They way they are now suggests that the creature is smooth and reflectively black (like an 8 ball), and there is a solid light source hitting it.

Looking at it again, I see that you do have a light source, but it's angle seem awkward is it does not come straight from the viewer, but rather off from the left side. Keep in mind, however, that if this is the case then one of two things must be true. Either that is the only light source, and there should be an angle from the left side where no light is hitting (especially behind the creature), or that there is also a light from the viewer's perspective that lights the left side of the tunnel and there simply needs to be shadows from that angle as well.

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1st look - OMG!!! Its so scary!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!

2nd - hmm, yes tunnel is 2 light... shadows are a bit messed...

3rd - my guess is that its a robber or some kind of thief... or its just a Santa since last Christmas who thying to get out :)...

HEHs - thats a fun one, heh...

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