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Cube 1.5b

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I've released another version of Cube...just a few sound changes and dehacked changes as I get closer to 1.6. No patch; you have to download the whole thing to upgrade your curren version, but its only about 2 MB. For new users, it contains everything you need to run the MOD.


I have also added 2 new sections to the website: Enemies and Weapons...complete with screenshots and information on each. Took me a long time to do but I'm very pleased with the results. Enjoy

UPDATE: hmm...the weapon text in the game doesn't stay true to the documentation found on the webpage or in the txt file in the zip, so I have also released a patch to update the Dehacked file so it displays the correct name when a weapon is picked up. It can be found in the downloads section.

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Little Faith said:

Does the eponymous Cube gun still malfunction in Zdoom?

malfunction as in it still kills you? yes...

I've also seen problems with ZDOOM 2.0.47 where you sometimes have to press the fire key several times before the weapon works...this is also a problem with the Mortar Launcher.

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