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hey im justin ..and im starting up a doom WAD making thingy... brent (person who helps design levels)and i (head of this)haha will be realesing a WAD call Halls OF Doom... which will be a quite hard WAD...if ur intestrested in helping out e-mail me ill be sure to respond.............

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doompunk13, before you start asking for help on your new mega-cool-and-whatnot project, make sure you have something to show first (screenshots, map downloads, etc). Keep in mind we've already seen thousands of upcoming projects that actually never got done.

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hey how the hell can i provide screen shots when the game is being working on as we speak i have a problem with my doom editor and after that is fix the stage halls of doom should b complete...and after me n brent get the basic down we plan on starting something else...trust me ...no matter how long it takes im not quiting this

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