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The Last Resort

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Oh gosh, I still remember the day I played this wad with jsut the levels. Even though the sprite mods weren't loaded with Doom95.exe (I hadn't written the batch for doing that yet) I was rather taken by the layout for the Deathmatch. And the variety in deathmatch levels! There was one ballroom level that really felt like I was in a real ballerina, plus a goth like platform with a chainsaw....

And then there were the sprites. The "hall of mirrors" in the final level were great! IT's too bad that it's almost impossible for people to use these today, since either everyone uses other than default green/brown or plays with bots...

The creepy music?! I have it here with me on floppy. It all makes sense. The slaughter pit, the wild west, the castle, the island... Except maybe the arena... that one I'm not so sure you'd be able to hear wind.

DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE THE CREATORS OF THIS WAD ARE?! They rule. I hope they read this or actually got the letter I sent to the address on the TLR document...

Anyway, if anyone else has sen this DeathMatch PWAD, what di you think of it?!

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I didn't find them to be good mp levels to be honest. The theme is creepy but it needed more guns and stuff.

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