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Need some help

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A really strange error has been torturing me. It totally randomizes the clipping, monsters fall straight off ledges, bullets go through walls, sometimes walls block you, sometimes they don't. It's not a node builder problem. It was originally caused by supercomplicated or extremely huge sectors. When I fixed them the problem went away. But now even the most benign things(i.e. splitting a certain sector, adding new sectors to certain areas) are causing this error. Since it takes so long to build the nodes, its really annoying trying to figure out which sector is the "evil" one. The error makes no sense, and like I said it isn't a nodes builder problem.

In the mean time I'll have to work around it, but I'd appreciate it if someone could take a look at my wad and see if you can figure out what's going on. If you agree to help, I'll send you two wads, one broken and one fixed so you know what the error looks like. Maybe someone who knows more than me can figure out what I did wrong.

And if you help, you get a sneak-preview of my wad anyway. Then again it might ruin things when you play it for real when it's done. The basic structure is about 75% complete, with details and improvements to fill in. Ammo and health aren't in yet, but it's still nice to look at in places.

Anyway if you want to help, leave your e-mail here and I'll mail the wads to you.

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Actually I *think* I have it under control: I made a really big sector even smaller and the error went away. (the sector had caused problems earlier, but was acting fine up until now). If it pops up one more time I'll ask you guys for help again.

Though I SWEAR it isn't a nodes builder problem. The effect is the same for a number of different nodes builders.

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