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GooberMan's semi-retirement from mapping is coming to an end soonish

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I recently moved house, now living nice and close to work (three or four train stations), which means I can wake up at a sane hour and get home at an even more sane hour. Next pay day I'll be looking in to getting a new monitor, which means I'll have access to my computer again, which means I can do stuff like making Doom maps again :)

For those of you familiar with Doom - The Arcade Game and The Gateway Experiments, you'll know that I set up nice huge mods that I really have no hope of ever completing by myself (especially now that I have a full time job). If you want to help out on any of those projects, now's a good time to speak out. An email address you can contact me on is freely available from both the site and the zips that I linked to (but put DOOM - <subject> as the subject of the email or it might get mistaken as spam in a mass delete).

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mmnpsrsoskl said:


Nice to see you back around here Goobs :)

Well, can't go leaving the community or anything until I hit at least 1000 posts :P

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Got that new monitor. 19", which is 2" smaller than my previous one :\ I'll probably be reinstalling the operating systems though, and if I do I won't be putting Win98SE back on (currently dual boot 98SE and 2K), which means I'll either need to migrate to a new editor or start writing that editor that I was going to write last year.

Any takers for hopping onboard one of my projects?

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