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That damn scientist

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My lil attempt at doing that suspicious doom3 scientist, with evil spirits behind him based on doom3 monsters. Here you go.


My opinion: I dunno if i like that pose, and i think more effort could have gone into the development of the hands. But otherwise not bad for a 5+ hour work.

Now then. Let's do that gun pic for the compo! ^_^

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1st look: Oh, boy you've be spent whole day drawing that one. So much shading! I guess i know now why he is DAMN scientist :) - so much time killed to create him!

Positive!!!: 1) detailed, 2) well shaded...

Hmms and Nehs: Jaw part of the HellKnight - it looks like it has eyes, but we all know that it doesn't... The scientist - lower part of his cloak turned in the same way as Marylin's Monro at the subway station :) ! Right shoulder - a bit away from normal proportions.

The effect: Thats a fine piece!!! The conception is good. I would suggest to add more details to monsters - they are still a kinda background. Thus they might become a part of the picture. :)

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