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Flags and Tags in DEU/ZETH

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Though I have used Waded for all of my level designing in the past, I have opted to move over to ZETH for reasons only understood by my addled brain. What I want to do with the editor is create deep-water effects, but right now I can't figure out how to create a trigger #242 and tag it to a sector.

It is my understanding that ZETH is descended indirectly from DEU and that most of the tutorials and documentation for that editor will also help in the use of ZETH. With that in mind I downloaded DEU 5.9 from Doomworld and printed and read it's text manual. I also read http://www.doomworld.com/tutorials/boom2.shtml

Here is my wad file: http://www.dooleystudios.com/doom/z1.wad

I see how to make a tag for a sector, but not how to make one for a line. Also, I dont know how to insert my own flag number instead of just choosing it from the list provided.

I am using ZETH V4.17

Thank you.

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ZETH is only for ZDoom/Hexen-format maps only. If you want to make maps for standard Doom you should switch your editor as quickly as possible. ;-) If you want to make ZDoom maps I recommend to read the tutorials on http://zdoom.notgod.com . Generally the tag is put into the Arg1 field. So for a deep sector effect you set the line's special to 209 (Transfer_Heights) and the Arg1 field to the sector's tag.

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Well, ZDoom is the only port that I use so ZETH would work fine for me. However, I found out that the editor that I regularly use couldn't open maps modified by ZETH, so I will be switching to DETH instead.

Thanks a lot for the help, and I will be checking out those tutorials as well.

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And by the way, DETH can't really make Zdoom maps, and the tutorials are for zdoom stuff. :)

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But, DETH still makes regular doom maps which can be played in ZDoom, correct? Or are they Boom specific?

Yes, I know the tutorials are written exclusively about ZDoom. Like I say, ZDoom is the only port I use.

What I want to do is create my wad in my regular editing utility, Waded, and then add deep water later with an editor capable of doing so. It would be preferable if the wad could then be played on any of these new ports, but ZDoom is all I am concerned about in the least. Also, I don't want to use an editor that requires registration, which is why I am shying away from DeePsea and Wad Author.

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Editors are in the eye of the beholder. I use ZETH exclusively. No doubt, other editors are equally good. But I, just as you use only ZDoom, and ZETH is ideal for that.

The new homepage for the ZDoom Forum is http://zdoom.org/forum/

The deep water effect can be achieved through designs of varying degree of realism. See the following examples:

1. a simple approach -->> Fake Water

2. an advanced approach by Enjay -->> POOL1

3. an even more advanced approach by Randy -->> WaterTeleport

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