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Scared to Death

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This is my first ever story on Doomworld. Hopefully you like it.
Please post comments below after you read it.

I sat down and I waited. Surely a soldier from another sector would arrive soon, I thought to myself. The horrific attack must have lasted for quite a long time, but I only remebered it vaguely. I only remembered the screams. There must be blood all over that floor. I looked across the room and it looked like there had never been a code red at all. This room was still tidy, although it looked dusty. At least they haven't bothered this room yet. I tried to establish contact with the rest of my team once more, but they didn't reply. I stood up. I was feeling dizzy as I walked to the door. At the other side of the door I would see absolute horror. Yesterday evening, at least four 'beings' were seen in the narrow corridors as they made their way through a group of unarmed people. They ripped through human flesh. It was a massacre. Those people just stood there in shock, they couldn't do anything to change their fate. They were all part of the tech crew, technicians.
UAC had issued a code red warning. We all knew what that meant. Something must've gone really wrong because I could see fire through the windows of the compound about half a mile away from where I was standing. I was the only one with a gun in that area, a plasmarifle to be exact.


Noise was coming out of my PDA. I got a message. I was told to get to sector 3B as soon as possible to assist a group of technicians. There was no time to team up. Armed backup was urgent. I grabbed my plasmarifle. For half a second I just looked at my face in the mirror. I couldn't tell why, but I had a bad feeling about the situation. Sweat was slowly dripping from my armpits, although I only ran for about two minutes through the dimly lit hallways of the compound. I was nervous. My stomache was twisting and turning. This was the first code red ever. Something was very wrong. I got closer and closer to sector 3B while all of a sudden all doors closed. Boom. I Quickly tried to override the security system by entering my password but it didn't work. The doors remained shut, all of them. I looked around. It seemed that I was trapped in a large storage room. Grey boxes all around me. There was a ventilation system to the right of me, but is seemed to small for me to fit in. Besides, that stuff only works in movies anyways. I decided to radio the tech crew to find out if they were still okay. I got a reply, but I couldn't hear what was being said. After hearing screams and panicked voices I suddenly heard a clear message.

"There are at least four.. ehrr.. beings here. They seem very hostile. Please, get over here now! Now!!"

I swear he was almost crying. I knew what I had to do. I had to get to them as soon as possible but the inflection in his voice frightened me. Beings? What the hell was he talking about? I got a grip on myself again, but I was still stuck there. As I was trying to find a way out of that room, all of a sudden the lights went out. Total darkness surrounding me. I forgot to bring my flashlight. I couldnĀ“t see a single thing. I grabbed hold of a rack to my left. It felt moisty and covered with rust. The sound of squeeking metal was all around me. It felt like the whole base was about to implode. It was like being in a submarine, diving to deep. I tried to establish contact with the rest of my team through my PDA. I had no idea where they were. I didn't get a reply. And then, suddenly, everything was back to quiet again. For a couple of seconds.

I concentrated. All I could focus on was a strange muted sound. It sounded like a rumble, except it had a high pitch to it. My own breathing almost overshadowed the rumble as it suddenly became louder. It came closer. Footsteps. The rumble was a group of people trying to find a way out. Feet swiftly touched the metallic floors. I could hear screams now. I tried to move closer to the door, trying to find out what was happening at the other side.

"This is the tech crew, open the fucking doors now!!"
- "They're jammed! This is a code red situation!" I replied.

I knew it was helpless, I couldn't do anything. I started hearing a new muted sound echoing through the corridor at the other side of the door. Except this time it sounded bolder.

"Quickly! Open the door! Open the fucking door!!"

Terrifying growls came near. The technicians were struck with fear. They started kicking the doors around them. None of them opened while a couple of shadows were casted at the far end of the corridor. I could hear human hands scraping the mechanical lock on the other end of the thick metal door. True horror was about to unfold.


And I here I am. Still standing in front of that door. I couldn't sleep. Not too long after the attack occurred the doors were unlocked. I heard a bleeping sound. The overhead light just in front of the door went green. The lights flickered back on. I held my plasmarifle as I aimed it at the door. It's safety lock was turned off. But no one came. I am a soldier. I am armed. How come I cannot find the courage to open that door? I gaze at the ceiling, but my eyes are blinded by the light. I'll go back to the spot where I sat all that time, and I'll sit down again waiting for some good news. No way I am opening that door by myself. I'll just wait. Surely a soldier from another sector will arrive soon, I think to myself.

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Tyockell said:

Thats pretty creepy, makes you feel so alone I like it :-) good job.

Thanks. I tried to give the marine a more human character by letting him be scared, and not letting him shoot at everything that moves like a macho man.

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that is some damn good work. i would write long and pretty decent stories myself too, but my english is very limited.

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