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doom client times out

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Connection timout on internet (challenges, responds, then sits and times out). Server sees client. client can't see server after response by server. Checked log files and error files and only find the timeout error after sufficient time has passed.

What does work:
Within the lan, same laptop can challenge, respond, connect and play with server.

All rules were removed from the port.

What does not work:
Via internet, same laptop can challenge, respond, and never connects.

Server is a windows xp.
Laptop is a windows xp.
Legacy doom code from sourceforge.

Any recommendations?

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Holy crap! It's a female!
Don't use Legacy. It sucks in every possible way and will bring about the apocalypse by summonning an evil AI when run on certain machines. Yours could be the one!
Try ZDaemon and Skulltag for client/server play, and I recall ZDoom's peer-to-peer being pretty good. I heard there was some trouble in recent versions, but it's being sorted out.

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What kind of connection are you on? You gotta have a fast connection for Legacy, 56k won't work.

Are you using version 1.40?

You might have more luck getting help over here.

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I shall continue the struggle a bit longer with my
Legacy 1.40 after checking the forums on newdoom. My connection is DSL and I'm 1/4 mile from the switch office, so the speed is fast.

I've also downloaded the three recommended alternatives, and will try these once I've exhausted my noobie time with Legacy 1.40.

Thank you both for coming to my aid.

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