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Slow text!

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I have a Radeon 7000(latest drivers), and whenever text is displayed my system starts crawling. Having more than 1 or 2 lines of messages on screen causes a noticeable framerate drop, and having the console down drops me to near 1 or 2 fps. I'm using v0.74.

BTW, I'm new to these forums, so forgive me if I fudged something up(I looked and didn't see a post about this).

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I guess I should also mention I have a Cyrix 300(233MHz). Also looking across large spans of subsectors drains my system too. Neither happen in regular ZDoom 2.0.47 though(which runs fine in 800x600)..

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This is a well known problem, which should be fixed in the near future. Basically, fonts slow down a lot on slow CPUs.

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