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Small Artistic Request

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I am in desparate need of someone with good experience with Photo Shop. What I need is someone who can provide me with to sets of sprites, one for the main character's Punch, and the other for his Pistol.

What I have in mind is this, the character is a Gran, which is an alien from Starwars (see image below)

Gran's hands are some what larger than human hands, but they can not be too large to handle standard human weapons. So first off I will need a quality set of Punch frames, for his melee attack.

As for the pistol I only need three Frames done. One of him holding his arms out together in shackles, as if waiting for a guard to grab them and lead him by them, and the deselect frame will be of him pulling his arms apart, while lowering them, the first frame will show the arms spread, and the chain tighten, and the next will show the chain actually snap before the arms vanish off the bottom of the screen. If I can to add in the second frame via dehacked, then I'll simply need a shot of his arms slightly spread and the chain snapping. Also note that the chain will have to show mild signs of damage prior to the snap, so that the player can tell that be had already broke the chains, and had this planned out.

I may well also need a couple mild touch ups to some of the other weapon frames I already have completed. If you think you can pull this off, then PLEASE PM me. Thank you!

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