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Naked Snake

The Unmaker

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I hid, the beasts looking for me, their snarls keeping me very alert. They were close, I could smell their foul bodies and the scent of death that followed them everywhere they walked. Clutching my almost empty shotgun close, I took in sharp breaths. I counted down to when I was going to jump out and take some shots, hoping that they would be good ones, no, not hoping, praying. "One, two...THREE!" I jumped from my hiding spot in the tiny alcove and fired, hitting one of the undead in the chest, knocking him to the ground, dead, a puddle of sickly red blood forming. The other undead marine opened fire with his shotgun, but I had hid again. As I was going to jump out again, a fireball blew up near the alcove. "Shit!" I cursed. There were imps nearby! I rolled out this time and when I sprung up, the zombie was dead, its head ripped apart by the point-blank shotgun blast. The imp was a considerable distance, so I readied my pistol and fired half a clip into the brown, leathery skinned creature. I loaded my last 3 shells into the shotgun and checked my pistol. 8 rounds, 1 clip left. I stormed forth, repeating the same phrase in my mind over and over. "God, if you're up there, let me live and clense the Earth!". The hallway I walked down was dark and I was constantly looking around when I noticed something odd. A portion of the wall had LIGHT shining through tiny cracks. I noticed that the wall was really flimsy, due to many cracks. "Well...here goes" I said before kicking the wall hard. Bricks flew loose and fell down, eventually the wall crumbled and I stepped inside. Torches adorned the pale-green marble walls and there was a pentagram of candles in the center of the room. I then gazed upon the weirdest weapon I have ever seen, sitting there in the middle of the pentagram...

I made my way though the candles and hefted the large gun. It looked to be bound in flesh, a pentagram burned near the end of the gun. The exposed "ribs" showed an odd glass-like chamber leading from the back of the gun to the barrel. Underneath, I found an attached canister made from a skull...it was filled with a swirling blue liquid, similar to the stuff in the health potions I had drank and the soul-spheres that strangely floated in the air. I grinned. "Thank God".

I ran back into the hallway, which now housed an army of undead, walking down in the middle of the corridor, single file. They had their backs to me. I grinned again as I pulled the trigger (which also had the look of bone) and a bright red ball came bursting forth from the barrel of the odd weapon. The ball ripped through the zombies, one by one, and flew on until it struck a wall, where it suddenly blew up. I looked at the smoking corpses and started to step over them. While I did, something odd happened. The blood of the zombies "dissolved" and flowed into the skull canister of my weapon! I was utterly stunned. What the #$%^&*$%^& is this!?

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