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Naked Snake

My site / Ralphis' site that I host and that makes me his master

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I finally put up a stupid index.html on my server so you nosy people can't go snooping around anymore :-P


I'm hosting Ralphis' interview page, which is funny, because it's really hosting my old interviews and none of his because he hasn't done any yet.

It also has an URL to my famous "forum stuff" gallery, history is there, go look at it.

You may also view some of my weird comics, dubbed COMIX because I'm unoriginal

Also, a lot of people with webcams have submitted their pictures to me while holding signs that deem me a fag (at my request, since I find it quite funney), but the joke is on them because I'm going to submit their pictures to the "Gay Man's Love Connection" website (well, except Britta's...and everyone else :-P)

Oh and I got the obligitory DW link there too...oh and there's a stupid little easy to find easter egg too. Also, did I mention that I stole that F*CK OFF image from Dest?

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