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Regarding ZDoomGL, how do you keep up with ZDoom source code? Assuming you extended ZDoom to ZDoomGL on ZDoom version x.x.x. I notice ZDoom (zdoom.org) has been updating quite a lot since x.x.x. Plus there's so many guys working on ZDoom, how do you keep ZDoomGL up-to-date with ZDoom's changes? Is ZDoomGL got it's sources in seperate folders - ZDoom original, and then the GL extensions? Or have you been updating ZDoomGL independent of ZDoom?


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That's what he's saying. He's asking how timmie's keeping up with the ever changing ZDoom source. Is he working with Randy and just keeping the GL changes seperate for the time being, or is he basically rewriting things when something Randy does affect his code, or is he updating ZDoomGL completely seperate, adding the changes his own way? I'm curious myself..

BTW, there's only one ZDoom coder, Randy Heit.

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Basically, if there's a complete source drop (all the source code in one package), I merge all my code into the ZDoom code. This takes longer and longer each time since my changes keep getting more and more integrated into ZDoom :) When it's just a patch file I usually end up going through by hand merging in the new code since I've changed enough the patch utility is pretty much useless.

Basically, it's a lot of work for me when a new update comes out. Updating to 2.0.47i is even more work than normal because Randy changed quite a bit (uncapped framerate, new texture management, etc), so I've had to change a bunch of my code on top of merging the two projects.

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kevingpo said:

Plus there's so many guys working on ZDoom

Yup, just count them all. 1..... er 1..... um 1..... :-P

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