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After about half an hour of trying, I figured out that I can not draw a pentagram to save my life. Sure, it's easy when you just make five lines, but you can't do that in a map editor. When I try to make a pentragram, it always winds up lopsided and no matter how carefully I place each vertex it never looks right. I try to figure out which lines should be the same size and angle, but doing so usually requires going to a grid size of 8 or so, and the pentagram needs to be big.

I want to have a demonic symbol looming overhead in the sky above the aquatic power plant in my wad, but it isn't coming out!

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Try making a basic pentagon sector. Then draw lines between the outer points to form your star. If all the lines of the pentagon are of equal length, then all of the lines in the pentagram will also (most editors can map prefab pentagons with no trouble).

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Uh, I think EP4B.WAD had a Pentagram in one of its levels. If it's not in the archives I can e-mail it to you.

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