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Naked Snake


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You rush forth.Where are the other marines?You know they are in here someplace.Damn.You hold up the DBS and peek around the corner into the darkness.Hmm.Nothing.Then something zips into your field of vision.You shoot,missing your taget.The all to familiar sound of a thump followed by a whoosh!A rocket heads your way,leaving a smoke trail behind it.You duck back.The splash missed but the heat singes the hair on your arm.You shoot again,this time getting the bastard in the arm.He lets loose another rocket.You rush back to the enterance.Around the corner you bump into another marine.You are quicker to react as you blast a large hole in his chest.He was carrying a BFG!Yes!You snatch it and smile.This is firepower.

You walk back again.He is creeping down the hallway.Heh.You charge it up and he turns around.But not fast enough as the blast hits him in the back and sends his guts flying.You grin.Another frag.Suddenly you hear a *BLUN* behind you and Bigbadgangsta shoots you in the back of the head with a Plasma Rifle.

"Gotcha ya bitch" Bigbadgangsta chuckles.The last thing you hear however is not his wise ass comment but the sound of a Railgun firing and BBG screaming.You look up with your last few moments of life and see CacodemonLeader.
"Cacodemon doesnt ph33r" he smirks.

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CacodemonLeader looks down at you.He may not seem like a tough guy in the forums (just kidding Caco) hes a mean SOB in DM.He aims his railgun and fires knocking your head off.
"Im ph33rl3ss" he says.He hears someone trying to sneak up on him.He hears the click of a shotgun cocking.He does a backflip and before landing switches to the M-16.He fires around the hallway,killing Maga (heh).He goes down without a word.CacodemonLeader sighs.Hmm.Who to kill next?BBG comes running down the hall screaming like a maniac,holding a Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50 Caliber Action Express.
"Now I ph33r" CacodemonLeader says with wide eyes.BBG aims for the arm and shoots.Cacodemon's arm sprays crimsom blood all over the walls and floor.He naturally clutches his arm.BBG gets next to him and puts the gun to his temple.
"Heh." he chuckles.A burst of gunfire fills the air and BBG goes down.He forgot the fact YOU respawned.


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Raised this one from the dead!
Heh heh

Damn Funny stuff!
That cool.
Where's The Movie damnit!
Or even the novel of the movie of the Fanfic!
Come on BBG! You can make millions by doing something else!
heh heh!

oh well.
I gotta stop drinkin red cordial!

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