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Carmack or Romero made .wad?

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I am looking for a classic(in my opinion) wad that, if I remember correctly, was made by either John Carmack or Romero (and yes it was a addon level not a standard one). It opened up with a small room, then led you down some stairs with banners above you into a very large area that connected to around 5 smaller segments. Im sorry for the bad description but I have been searching for this level forever and have not had any luck. Hopefully wad requests are tolerated, if they are not please let me know. Thanks a lot the last time I played this level I must have been 9 years old. If someone has a link to add on levels that were created by the Johns or the names of some of the better ones I would really appriciate it. Thanks DiztortN

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John Carmack doesn't make maps, nor did he release any. John Romero's maps are all in DOOM: Knee-Deep in the Dead (Episode 1), in The Ultimate DOOM: Thy Flesh Consumed (Episode 4) or in DOOM II: Hell on Earth. He didn't release any separately as add-ons.

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