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The Railgun

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Look in your Zdoom directory, there might be a file called railgun.bex (didn't come with all versions of Zdoom).

Load it like this

zdoom -deh railgun.bex

Now go try the plasma gun. :-)

If you don't have railgun.bex, copy and paste the following into a text file and load it like the above

Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0

# Note: Use the pound sign ('#') to start comment lines.

Doom version = 19
Patch format = 6

# Don't even try editing this in DeHackEd, since it's mostly
# extensions that DeHackEd knows nothing about.

Frame 77 = A_FireRailgun
Frame 78 = NULL

Frame 77
Sprite subnumber = 32768
Duration = 3
Next frame = 78

Frame 78
Sprite subnumber = 1
Duration = 50
Next frame = 74

Weapon 5 (Plasma Gun, now a rail gun)
Decal = RailScorch
Ammo use = 10
min ammo = 10

Edit: Doh! I totally misread your post and thought you were asking about running it in Zdoom, not dehacked.

The answer is, you can't load it in dehacked because it is something that was added to Zdoom long after developement of dehacked was finished (see the comment in the above code).

There are many things that have been added to Dehacked style patches that are not supported by dehacked. Most of these were added by team TNT and their source port "BOOM". These extensions to dehacked are know as the Boom extensions to dehacked, and that is why the files are called BEX files.

Some ports (notably Zdoom) have added a whole boat load of additional extensions to the format.

The BEX stuff is not compatible with dehacked, and any BEX style entries you do are added using a text editor. Once you have added BEX style entries to your patch file, it is no longer compatible with dehacked. If you try and load it into dehacked, you will get error messages and if you try to save your file, all the BEX entries will be wiped.

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