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i've been gone! (as if you care)

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well, i doubt anybody has noticed my absence, but there has been an absence of me for a while. it's not significant, it's just one of those things people like me like to point out.

anyway, i came back from my job in missouri and all was cool. then my friend came down. then i got my license (1 july). then my friend found out i smoked pot and left four days earlier than he was supposed to. that saturday i went out to rent a movie, stopped at my exgirlfriend's house, then ended up spending the evening with her. got in trouble for that because i didn't call and inform my mom 'n' pop my plans had changed. sunday i took my friend to his girlfriend's house (30 mins away) and mom said i was supposed to come straight home. ended up spending about four or five hours there and got in trouble for that. didn't want to go back down to missouri again so tried to run away monday. ended up still going. bitched enough there that i got to come back the next monday via greyhound bus. began staying with some friends from church. got a job at hardee's since they had a walkout a week prior. saturday i got a tattoo, the word 'requiem' with the quake symbol for the q. parents still haven't found out about it :). tuesday got in a traffic accident, i was beboppin' along at 30 and didn't even realize the van in front of me had slowed down to 5 to cross the train tracks, so now i have a traffic ticket (with supervision) + insurance cost + 500$ deductable + truck repairs + van repairs. ended up selling my guitar. i had depleted all the money in my savings account to $4.96 the two weeks prior. so now i'm fucked. but i'm glad that the house i'm in has a computer and the internet, so when i'm not working i can be happily visiting here.

anyway, what have i been missing?

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Scabbed Angel said:

Dude, that sux. Why'd your friend leave early? Cause yopu smoke weed? Why?

yeah. him and i were best friends, and the thing was that he really hasn't changed and i have. and we had made a promise that neither one of us would start doing drugs. he was completely 100% anti-drug. it was enough of an insult to him that i started smoking ciggarettes, but then i started smoking pot. to add to the insult i tried to lie to him but it was too obvious.

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