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MIDI Problems?

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First I'd like to establish that I know what I am doing, and that I've only had this mysterious error a few times.

I downloaded some MIDI's from the internet and after trying to insert them into my Doom wads and I try to play that level, I get a major slow down on my system. I get a framerate of like 1 per 20 seconds, and I takes forever to exit out back to windows.

It's a normal MIDI (as far as I know) at about 4:40, and it plays just fine in Windows and Deepsea. There are no visible errors within Deep, and I'm totally clueless. Can anyone elaborate?

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A couple of questions:

1) Are you using the original .exe, or a port?

2) Okay so Doom slows down, but do the MIDI's actually play?

If you're using the original .exe and the MIDI's don't play, I'm inclined to think that you didn't convert them to the required format first. You see, doom(2).exe can't actually play MIDI; it uses a very similar format called MUS instead.

I'm not 100% sure, but there is probably an option in DeePSea (to chose between automatically converting MIDI->MUS or not). This would be there because ports can play MIDI's without them being converted first. If such an option is lacking, or you simplu can't figure out how to do it, do a search on the 'net for a program called MIDI2MUS and use it on your MIDI's (it's pretty straitforward, providing you know your way around the DOS Prompt).

If you're not using the original .exe, or the MIDI's do play, I have no idea. Hopefully someone else can help :)

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-This is for vanilla Doom (Doom2.exe/Doom95).
-The game starts in slow motion and there is no MIDI playing, but sounds do work however.
-Deepsea has automatic MIDI to MUS conversion. I can take any other MIDI and use it, but when I try to use this specific one, I get bad results. (THanks for bringing this up, I'll do it manually to see if that works)

Thanks (for now) :)

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A thought just occured to me. When you use midi2mus.exe, MIDI's more than a certain size can't be converted to MUS. Presumably this means doom.exe doesn't support MUS bigger than midi2mus' limit.

It's probable that most of ports have removed the size limit, and therefore entirely possible that DeePSea's converter ignores it.

Try opening the wad with the problem MIDI in a port and see what happens. If it works, it means my explanation is quite likely to be the case :)

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Okay this is what I did:

1. I imported the MIDI into my level through Deepsea.
2. I exported the MIDI as a MUS.
3. I changed the auto import option from MIDI to MUS.
4. I inserted the MUS back into my level with Deepsea.

Works fine now. Thanks for your help :D

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