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Doom Connector Tournaments

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Im keeping weekly tournaments, that is, so far my real life allows me to. Other people are hosting tournaments too. You can find the homepage HERE. Please read the GUIDELINES before signing up to any tournament, its important to know how a tournament works when it starts.

Previous tournament I ran was ZDaemon MAP07 oldskool, Dominus won the tournaments. It just too bad half of the people that signed up for it did not show up.

Next tournament (Sunday, August 3, 2003  8:00 PM GMT) will be ZDaemon MAP01 oldskool, up to 30 frags each (Switching hosts: play game, switch hosts, play again, sum frags) so thats up to 60 frags in total.

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Wow...! Good lookin out, this looks like a Deathmachers dream!
I am looking into this DooMConnector and its tournaments. :)
Maybe I'll see you there!

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