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Weapon editing

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How do you change the fire rate of a weapon, the projectile, and the skin of a weapon?

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By using a program called DeHackEd. If you hate/don't know how to use/have never even heard of DOS, you'll probably want to get a windows equivalent, WhackEd, instead. Both are pretty much identical in terms of function and use.

Enjay has lots of extremely useful tutorials here.

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Scuba Steve said:

Heh, Weapon skin. There are no "Skins" Like there are models, you just draw a picture and bring it in with Wintex. ...Like so

Hey steve great work with GB, I'm an artist and I've been pixelling a while and I could shade things, but never formally learned about where my light source goes and the bit on ditering was an eye opener..thanks alot, I'm still not familiar with how to use simple line technique on my psp since its fancier than what i'm use to and my colors are too small to distinguish which one i selected...how did you get the selectors?
Also if you know of any sprite tutorials let me know please.

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